According to statistics, about 20% of Americans experience clogged drains in their property.

If you experience the problem, consider getting cleaning services as soon as possible. By cleaning the system, you will move both the clog and any other substances that may have accumulated.

The cleaning exercise will reduce the chances of the incidences occurring in the future and improving the effectiveness of your sinks and other water fixtures.

Therefore, you’ll end saving some bucks!

The clogging can be as a result of numerous factors. For example, you may make mistakes that could easily damage your drain pipes. In some cases, everyday use can result in the problem. One of the major causes of clogging is tree roots.

With time, roots grow and eventually breach the pipes!

Another major cause of blockages is toiletries. Even though they are essential commodities, some of them will mess with your drain system.

Refrain from flushing down things such as nappies, baby wipes, and sanitary products.

A significant number of homeowners find foreign objects in blocked drains. Do you have kids? If the answer is yes, they may flush something unusual down the drain system. Some items, such as toys, become lodged in the u-bend.

Read on to learn more about warning signs of the drain problem, how to unclog a drain pipe, and tips to ensure that you do the work effectively.

How will you know your Drain Pipes are clogged?

Clogging is one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners experience. In some cases, you may be aware your plumbing has a problem but uncertain what. You may suspect clogging but don’t know the signs to look out for.

There’s nothing wrong with a little detective work!

Watch out for the following warning signs:

Toilet Flushing Problems

If your toilet isn’t flushing or backing up, that could be an indication that you need to unclog drain. Clogged drains may cause sewage sitting in sinks and toilets overflowing after flushing them.

Several drains in your property may also start to backflow if drain lines are clogged. All drain pipes in your system feed into the sewer drain. If clogging occurs in your sewer lines, drain pipes will struggle to drain water.

Usually, the problem arises due to the accumulation of toilet paper and foreign materials such as hair. Backed up toilets can create a mess in surrounding areas and hence the need to learn about what to do in such situations.

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Are there Changes in Water Pressure?

If the water pressure changes, you will also notice changes in water flow, and that is one of the obvious indications that you need to get your drain pipes checked.

Usually, the changes are due to clogs that inhibit water flow through a blockage.

Another possible reason for the developments is cracking or breakages of pipes where water can escape. If there are changes in the amount and speed of water coming out of your faucet, chances are clogging could have occurred.

Bad Odors in your Property?

If your drain pipes are clogged, foreign substances that have accumulated inside can catch debris. With time, the debris can pile up and produce a bad odor when decomposing. Therefore, if there are foul smells in places such as sinks, shower, or toilets, consider getting your drain pipes checked.

Is Water taking too long to drain?

Water should go down the sinks and showers in not more than one or two seconds. If water is taking longer than usual to drain, there could be blockages in your drain pipes. A continuous whirlpool motion should occur when using a bathtub or toilet.

The slow draining shows there is too much debris in your drain pipes!

The problem may not affect the function of your plumbing works in the short run, but when you unclog a drain, you will avoid worse scenarios in the future. Slow drains eventually result in clogging.

Have you noticed weird Sounds in Drain Pipes?

If the pipes are clogged, you’ll notice gurgling or glugging sounds as water passes.

If you hear irregular sounds, that’s an indication that there is a blockage preventing smooth water flow. Get plumbing help to unclog drain as soon as possible.

Fine Tips of how to Unclog a Drain Pipe

Plumbers need flexible tools to address the blockages effectively. The equipment only needs to be a few feet long because blockages usually occur in the trap. If there is no debris in the trap, check the drain lines.

Solid objects and substances such as grease and soap can get past the traps and block the drain lines. The blockage may slow down water flow and eventually stop the pipe from draining. Inspection should be done to locate the clog.

Finding clogs can be challenging even for experienced plumbers, and you may end up wasting a lot of time. The most effective method of locating clogs is camera inspection. Using the camera helps to avoid unnecessary digging and guessing.

4 Creative ways of how to unclog a Drain

Property owners and managers use numerous ways to clean blocked drains. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the easiest ways to get the job done:

1. Apply Hot Water

It involves flushing hot water into the affected area. The force and heat from the water will burst through your drain pipes and free the debris that may have accumulated inside.

2. Homemade Washing Solutions

A baking soda and vinegar mixture is the most popular homemade unclogging solution. When the two ingredients react, they dissolve through clogged substances.

3. Use Drain Snakes

The tool is effective in dismantling and freeing clogs in drain pipes. It is readily available in most home improvement stores.

4. Use a Plunger

Your standard plunger can help unclog drains in your home. First, fill your sink with about three inches of water. Secondly, form a tight seal around the drain entrance using the plunger. Lastly, push back and forth for about one minute.

Finally, the above methods are ideal for emergencies. Wouldn’t you want to put an end to recurring clogs?

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