When asking what is the best toilet paper for septic systems, you may find yourself thinking that any kind of toilet paper will be appropriate for your septic system. You may think that all toilet paper is the same and purchase a toilet paper that says septic safe only to find out that it is not 100% septic safe.

When toilet paper goes down the toilet, it goes into the septic tank. The solids of your septic tank sink to the bottom, where it decomposes into sludge. The sludge buildup over time can create the need for frequent clean outs. There are several factors you should consider when purchasing toilet paper.

Purchasing Recycled Toilet Paper

This form of toilet paper is an excellent option because the fibers break apart very quickly. This allows for the toilet paper to break down and not contribute to sludge buildup. Recycled paper is also bleach free. Bleach can disrupt the natural bacteria in your septic tank, causing a buildup of sludge and for you to need to get your septic tank pumped more often.

Purchase and Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Biodegradable toilet paper is a great option for your septic tank. It requires less water to breakdown, which will allow it to dissolve faster. The downside to biodegradable toilet paper is that it is not as thick and soft as other toilet papers. It is also essential to know the biodegradable toilet paper can be expensive.

Purchasing Septic Safe Toilet Paper

The most important thing you can do when purchasing septic safe toilet paper is to see if it has been certified septic safe by the National Sanitation Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that tests toilet paper to make sure that it is septic safe. Septic safe toilet paper should dissolve extremely fast when it hits the water, so ensure that you keep an eye on this when you flush your toilet. If you notice that the toilet paper is not breaking apart like it should, you should try a different brand.

Testing your Toilet Paper

You are curious about what is the best toilet paper for septic systems, you can do your own test. Get a couple of jars, along with a couple of rolls of toilet paper from different brands. Fill the jars with water and put a couple of squares of the toilet paper in the jar. Watch to see how quickly the toilet paper dissolves. You want to choose the one that dissolves toilet paper quickly. If the toilet paper takes a long time dissolve, you will see that it will fill your tank up fast and lead to you having to pump your tank.

If you have any further questions about what toilet paper you should use in your septic tank or have an issue with your septic tank, please call the Original Plumber today. Our techs are here to answer any questions that you may have about toilet paper and your septic tank’s function. Remember that you will want to use a 100% septic tank safe toilet paper to avoid costly septic repairs and services.