Getting your sewer lines clean is essential to ensure that you do not end up with any wastewater in your home. Sewer lines are subject to blockages. Generally, trees are responsible for most sewer line blockages. This is because the roots can penetrate the lines of the sewer pipe and cause clogs. This will happen gradually as the roots obstruct the wastewater flow. Clogs can also be caused by putting grease down the drains, flushing tampons and other sanitary products, and using things like flushable wipes or non-septic safe toilet paper. These clogs can end up bursting your pipes and sending raw sewage into your home. An excellent way to prevent this from happening is to have sewer cleaning performed.

What is Sewer Jet Cleaning?

To keep your sewer lines clean, water jet sewer cleaning is where pressurizes water cleans out the pipe. This high-pressure water breaks up anything that is accumulated inside your sewer line. Even roots can be removed during this process.

However, it is important to note that a camera inspection should be done before water jetting begins. Sending a camera down the sewer line will allow your plumber to see whether repairs need to be done on the sewer line. This is especially true if there are many trees in the area, and roots may have busted through the pipes. If roots break through the pipes, the line will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Why Use Water Jet Sewer Cleaning?

When you have sewer pipes on your property, they are your responsibility to maintain. If there is a clog, your city is not going to unclog it for you. Water jet sewer cleaning is the best way to remove the clog. It works similar to a laser beam that can cut through anything. This water jet pressure cleaning method can even cut through wood and dried concrete. Water jetting can also eliminate grease and grime buildup to ensure that your sewer line will not clog in the future.

Environmentally Friendly

Regular sewer cleaning can be harmful to the environment. If chemicals are used, they can leach into the soil exposing animals, plants, and even you to harsh chemicals that can cause many different problems. Waterjet cleaning only uses water. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly and the most economical choice. You will save more money doing this form of sewer cleaning than any other method.

Have you had your sewer line cleaned lately? Are you experiencing slow flushing times? Or gurgling sounds when you use your sink? Or is your drain slow? If so, it is time to schedule a sewer cleaning. Call the Original Plumber today, and we will schedule an appointment to come out to take a look at your sewer line. We will be able to look at your pipes to see any tree roots or blockages in the system. We will then use our sewer jet cleaning to ensure that all your sewer lines are 100% clean and that you do not have to worry about any sewer blockages.