Having a septic tank alarm system is a great way to know when something may be wrong with your septic tank. When the septic alarm sounds, it tells you that there is a problem getting wastewater to the drain field. Several different things may cause this.

Weather issues

If it has been storming or you have gotten a lot of rain in the past few days, the water could be too much. Standing water will cause issues for your septic tank. A rain saturated drain field will not allow the wastewater to go into it. You can also have a flooded area if you overwater your lawn or drain the pool in your yard. You will need to try and not use your water until the drain field is not flooded. If you continue to use your water during this time, it can worsen the problem.

False Alarms Caused by Power Issues

In some cases, the issue with your septic tank alarm may be because of a faulty electrical issue in your home. For example, your power may have flickered and caused a false alarm. You could also have some electrical problems in your home, which makes the alarm go off.

Accidental Disconnection

If the power has accidentally been disconnected to the pump, the alarm may sound. If you hear the alarm go off, the first thing you should do is check to ensure the connection is in place. If not, reconnect and see if the buzzer goes off again. If the septic alarm goes off again, there is an issue somewhere with your septic tank.

Maintaining your Septic Tank

One of the most important things you can do to avoid your septic tank alarm going off is to make sure that it is properly maintained. This means making sure there are no clogs. If you find a clog, you will want to use a septic-safe chemical drain opener or use a plumbing snake. If the clog is bad, you will want to call a professional out to ensure that the clog is dealt with. Clogs over time can destroy your septic tank.

You want to make sure that you know the age of your septic tank. Generally, a septic tank has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. If your tank is nearing the end of 15 years, you will want to consider getting a new septic tank installed. If your septic tank is around ten years old, you may want to set up savings to where you will be able to afford a new septic tank within the next five years.

Another great idea to ensure that you do not have any issues with your septic tank is to have an inspection at least once a year by a septic tank professional. They will be able to inspect the tank to make sure there are no issues. They will also check the alarm to make sure that it is in full functioning order and getting the proper power to it.

If you hear your septic alarm going off and do not know precisely what to do, please contact the Original Plumber quickly. It would be best if you never neglected your septic tank alarm as it can be an indicator of a bigger problem. Leaving septic issues alone can lead to costly repairs and a smelly yard. Call us today for an appointment so that we can address any septic tank issues you may have.