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Electrical Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Heat PumpThe Original Plumber now offers dependable, safe, personable, and affordable electrical services in Atlanta, Georgia.

Whether you are struggling with power outages and short circuits, or simply need electrical panels installed, The Original Plumber’s team of electricians will be able to help.

Our electricians know how important it is to have a secure electrical system, so they always provide safe and thorough services. We utilize our expertise and experience in every wire, meter, and panel that we install into your home.

In addition to our diligent efforts, we employ cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure that the highest levels of security and durability are met during our electrical work. Call us at (855) 761-3823 to learn more about how we can help you or if you require an emergency electrician.

Lighting Services For Your Outdoor Needs

Outside lights can be installed to illuminate your beautiful Atlanta yard or garden after dark. You can use the lights to improve the appearance and security of your backyard. The exterior of your home can be illuminated with no changes to the wiring already in place for interior lights. Install a low-voltage system to get the best of all worlds: security, beauty, adaptability, and low maintenance.

You can also install LED lighting, which can save you money and energy. In terms of efficiency and lifespan, LED lights outperform incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Some LED diodes can produce more than 100 lumens from a single watt of power, allowing them to easily illuminate your home while being energy-efficient.

Atlanta’s Best Commercial Electricians

Electricity is essential in today’s world of commerce and industry. This means that you should ensure that your electrical system is well-maintained and capable of supplying the energy and safeguards needed to keep your business running normally.

Commercial electric services provided by The Original Plumber in Atlanta include electrical wiring, inspections, grounding, and industrial lighting. We can install modern electrical systems in your commercial building that are more efficient, safer, and less expensive.

Simple EV Charger Installation

If you own an electric vehicle, having your own electric vehicle charger is the most convenient way to ensure that your car is always ready to go.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station on your Atlanta property eliminates the hassle of finding a charging station and provides the convenience of charging at home in comfort.

Circuit Breakers Installed Safely

Whether you need a new fuse box or circuit breaker, our helpful Atlanta electricians can take care of you. When you need a licensed electrician to look over your new appliance and set it up properly, contact The Original Plumber.

Maintaining peak condition for this part of your electrical system is critical for warding off the dangers of short circuits in your home. Our experts have the knowledge to diagnose and repair these critical units, ensuring the safety of your property and ensuring everything is in working order.

Efficient Electrical Panels

If you have old, outdated, or improperly installed electric panels in your Atlanta home, then you need the services of The Original Plumber’s team of electricians as soon as possible.

Your electrical panel is one of the most important components of your home’s power system because it is connected to all of your appliances, lighting, and outlets. Without a working or safe panel, your electrical outlets, wiring, and property are at serious risk of catching fire, causing damage, and endangering your loved ones.

Generators For Residential And Commercial Needs

If your generator isn’t working properly or you need a new generator installed, you’ll need a dependable team of electricians like those at The Original Plumber.

We understand that a generator is essential for keeping your home or business running in the occasional event of Atlanta’s wild weather. Our electricians will always prioritize your safety and needs. We are ready to assist you in all of your generator installation and maintenance needs.


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