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Our experienced team can help you with everything from a water heater and toilet installation to broken pipes, drain and septic tank cleaning, a simple service repair, and other plumbing problems.

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We understand that you need trusted, affordable, professional plumbers that you can rely on for services. And we’re proud to be your local plumbers that fit the bill. Our happy customers have left more than 300 five-star reviews because we will always put YOU first!

As your plumbers, we are committed to your complete satisfaction with our services. Whatever you need us to do, you can expect the same dedication to superior quality every time you call us. Our company is serious about customer service, and our team is made up of expert and licensed plumbers.

We don’t compete with cheap plumbers who lack the experience or know-how to do the job right, but we do make our customers happy. How? With affordable plumbing service from an experienced team of licensed plumbers every time.

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Septic Tank Services

From septic tank repairs to new installation, The Original Plumber can help!

Septic Tank Repairs

A clogged or overflowing septic tank can quickly become a frustrating, costly problem. If you notice slow drainage in your home, foul smells, or standing water in your yard, you need a team on location as soon as possible.

We will inspect and clean your tank and make any necessary repairs inside your home, depending on the situation. We can also discuss preventative maintenance to keep your tank in working order going forward. If your tank has failed, we will work with you to quickly replace your existing septic tank system.

Septic Tank Replacement

If your old septic tank has failed or is beyond replacement, our experienced team can help you begin the replacement process. This process includes excavation of your old tank and potentially the other septic tank components, such as piping, the drain field, and more. Our plumbing professionals will quickly replace your septic tank and get your home back in working order as soon as possible.

Septic Tank Installation

When it comes to a new septic tank installation, it’s best to call a plumbing professional. That’s because the process involves knowledge of local codes, permits, and more. It’s also critical that the installation secures everything in place based on your product and property so that you can get the longest life expectancy possible from your new tank.

If you need a new septic tank installation, call The Original Plumber to talk with our team and request a quote.

Preventative and Routine Plumbing Needs

If you’re looking for affordable  service for routine needs in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area, our company can help.

We provide emergency service, but we also help our customers with popular services that keep residential and commercial plumbing systems in good working order. Our wide range of experience means that we can be your go-to company for plumbing in Atlanta and beyond. Below are just a few of the services to residents we provide.

Water heater installation

Water heater installs are a standard service requested by a plumbing company because they can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Our professional and experienced plumbers will carefully complete your project. We’ll connect your water lines during installation, test the new system to ensure it’s working, and remove your old tank if needed.

Plumbing fixture replacement services

Often, our customers need help updating plumbing fixtures during a repair or routine project, and we’re happy to assist. Whether you’re updating fixtures as a part of a small change, a major repair, or new construction, sometimes you need a plumber to switch fixtures out. Our team offers affordable plumbing support throughout Atlanta so give us a call to discuss your plumbing needs today.

Other plumbing related issues

Plumbing issues can be frustrating and, if left unchecked, can often cause extensive damage that requires a significant repair. If you notice plumbing needs such as running toilets, dripping faucets, slow or clogged drains, interruption to water supply, lower water pressure, heating problems in your shower or house, problems when you flush the toilet, sump pump failure in a basement, or more, we’ve got you covered.

We’re an affordable plumber that will search for the root cause of the problem at your location. From a broken pipe to a clogged sewer to a routine plumbing matter, we have the best plumbers on our team that can get your repairs done at a fair price for service.

Water leak detection services

If you think you have a water leak or leaky pipes, give us a call by phone. Leaks in a residential or commercial property can quickly become frustrating and can drive up your water bill for wasted water. Our experienced plumbers can help you identify and fix the problem before it becomes a more significant issue, such as a burst pipe. We offer affordable repair services for your plumbing needs.

Garbage disposal leaks

Garbage disposal problems can cause a back-up in your sink, create a foul smell in your home, or leak into your cabinets, causing damage and mold. A broken garbage disposal can also stop normal routine activities if you can no longer use a kitchen sink because it won’t drain.

Contact our team by phone to assess this plumbing issue. We’ll bring the proper tools to complete the repair quickly and help you replace the garbage disposal if new installation service is required.

Clogged toilet

A clogged toilet can quickly become a nightmare for residential and commercial properties, and it can happen for a number of reasons. An older toilet, items being flushed by mistake, and a clogged drain line are common reasons this plumbing problem can occur.

If you can’t flush a toilet or you notice a clog that you can’t fix, we can investigate your toilet and make any necessary toilet or sewer line repairs. If it’s time to upgrade, we can complete a toilet installation service. We provide upfront pricing and expert plumbers to get the job done.

Drain cleaning services

A plumbing repair that includes a clog or overflow often requires drain cleaning services. During this plumbing service, our plumber will use things like hydro-jetting or snaking to clean the drain and ensure that water can flow freely again. Fixing this part of the issue is critical to ensure a clog doesn’t re-appear, and it’s a routine part of our plumbing repair service when needed.

Ignoring drainage problems can lead to permanent damage so we recommend regular drain cleaning as a part of maintenance and repairs.

Emergency plumbing services

If you have an emergency and require immediate services, our team is here to serve you. No matter what type of plumbing emergencies you have, our licensed plumbers can be on-site seven days a week for service.

Not sure if your situation constitutes an emergency? Most often, emergency services are those that have resulted in overflows or flooding and need a quick repair. For example, a burst pipe, sewer or drain back up, etc. If you think you may have a plumbing emergency, contact us by phone for plumbing service and give us a few details. We provide a competitive price, expert plumbers, and repair service seven days a week.

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