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The Original Plumber takes consideration of preserving the traditions of the plumbing, electrical, HVAC & septic trades, as well as preparing young tradesmen to become masters out on the field. With great supervision, teaching, and explanation, we train our new generation on etiquette and customer service alongside codes and state-mandated regulations.

We humbly thank you for following, researching, and investing your time with us. Hoping to hear from you soon, from our company to your home, The Original Plumber.

Lisa Jutze

Office Manager As a dispatcher, it is mandatory to maintain a level head and ensure all the appointments are met in their allotted time and that someone is there to greet the technicians upon arrival. With our coverage area and multiple technicians, the role can be daunting. However, Lisa Jutze has multitudes of experience high volume, rapid decision making, and multitasking. Leading her team of customer service representatives in booking, Lisa’s role is to route the technicians efficiently, maintain communication on availability and booking, as well as conversing with customers about possible time constraints. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, trivia, and staying at home with her serious boyfriend and two dogs.

Catherine Keo

Call Center Manager

Catherine’s passion is in creativity. As an enthusiast for art, she found an unconventional way to bridge the gap between seemingly mundane service and everyday homeowners. Using visual and verbal expression through her background in psychology, she finds joy in connecting local businesses with everyday people. It is her mission to combine communication and maximum efficiency. She lives by the phrase, “Keep the momentum going in all things you do.” Connecting is the foundation in which Catherine operates both internally and externally to achieve the best customer satisfaction and needs of the company.

Cayli M.

Call Center Manager

With years of customer service, Cayli Marshall prides herself in being quick and efficient. As a busy bee, Cayli takes joy in explaining the process of fixing your plumbing needs and explaining company protocol in the easiest way possible. Living in Georgia her entire life, family and friends are very important to her. As a loving mother and wife, she enjoys spending quality time as a family…

Austin Reed

Payroll Manager

Having an expert that is experienced in the field yet running point in the office is what gives our office a whole new edge. As an experienced technician in both plumbing and septic, Austin can bring his field knowledge into the office. Effectively knowing routes, supply houses, and approximate duration of customer projects, he can properly time out our technicians, so everyone arrives within their allotted time frame.

As an avid gamer, Austin challenges his mind in both the virtual world and the real world. Having a determination for understanding how things work, his mechanical mind craves challenges. After acquiring knowledge out in the field, he has now begun to merge two words of plumbing/septic services into the office. When comes to tricky time frames, odd scopes of work, or just small tips to contain an emergency until a technician arrives, Austin’s knowledge in the field brings a new edge to customer service…

James F.

Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, James is here to help with any of your home services. On his free time he enjoys anime, music, and spending time with family.

Gaby S.

Customer Service Representative

Justin D.

Comfort Advisor

Brandon A.

Customer Service Representative

Levi Morris

Lead Dispatcher

Levi brings a new aspect to the table with his prior experience on the field. Being able to assist customers on a technician’s level is one of the many aspects that The Original Plumber can provide to customers in stressful situations. Levi believes that clear communication, constantly adapting and growing, and following through is the way to best execute things in life. With his military background, there is no task that Levi cannot complete! Relating to customers and deescalating stressful situations is Levi’s specialty! Whether it is a burst pipe or simply preventative maintenance, Levi is great at explaining what you may need or how to stabilize a situation.

Emily C.

Night Dispatch

With a knack for all things spooky, Emily is your girl for any emergency! On her free time, Emily enjoys working at haunted houses.

Adam Burton

Fleet Manager

Adam lives his life in constant joy. With a positive attitude and skill to back it up, he considers the highlight of his job helping others. Charismatic and social, he is often seen as someone you’ve known all your life.

With 21 years of plumbing experience, there isn’t a job un-fixable. Starting from a helper after high school to excelling at The Original Plumber, his experience also allows him the ability to train and educate upcoming apprentices. Carrying his joy wherever he goes, he finds the most fun playing baseball with his son.

Elevating his expertise from technician on the field to a service manager, Adam takes his knowledge and expands it to a level to support rising technicians. With his extensive networking with vendors and plumbing skills, Adam brings new support to the office and technicians.

Rhys S.


Brice B.

General Manager

Ashley P.


Jud Chastain

Septic Specialist

Working with septic systems his entire career, Jud Chastain is an expert! There is not much to a system that he can’t diagnose, fix, and upgrade! As a veteran in the field, his knowledge and straight to the point personality let’s you feel assured that your home is in good hands. Loving husband and father of four, on his free time he enjoys baseball, softball, and basketball.

Richie Ledesma

Septic Specialist

Having worked with septic systems for almost 2 decades, Richie Ledesma is the expert in your corner! There is not any system that he is not familiar with and he is more than happy to assist you with any of your septic needs. As a tenured specialist, his vast knowledge and expertise will ensure you feel confident that your home is in excellent hands. In his free time Richie enjoys going to the gym, traveling with his family, and enjoying new experiences.

Chase Porter

Septic Specialist

Bursting with energy, Chase finds learning a huge part of personal growth. With a positive attitude and the eagerness to learn, there is nothing Chase isn’t ready to tackle. Coming from an Italian background, he’s big on family and a native New Yorker. On his free time, he enjoys competitive sports including golf, hockey, and mountain biking.

Blake Meredith

Septic Specialist

With a can-do positive attitude, Blake is always excited to assist you with your septic needs! Blake started as an apprentice and has worked hard to become the septic specialist you will love to have assisting you. Outside of work, Blake enjoys spending time with his family and going to the gym.

Jordan Llorens

Septic Apprentice

Despite being the youngest septic apprentice at The Original Plumber, Jordan already has an abundance of septic knowledge and is eager to learn more! Coming from a background in the field, Jordan’s knowledge and skills surpass his young age and ensures his bright future. Jordan is an avid racing enthusiast who also enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Jake Smith

Septic Apprentice

Eager to learn and grow, Jake’s thirst for knowledge has benefited all the customers he encounters. Jake’s positive attitude and determination to learn as much as possible to grow into a septic specialist makes him an unstoppable force with a bright future. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing video games with his friends, spending time with his family, taking his puppy on long hikes, and all outdoor activities.


Septic Apprentice

Cool, calm and collected, Dustin is cool as a cucumber when assisting you with your septic needs. Aspiring to be a septic specialist, Dustin is excited about expanding his septic knowledge to be of the best assistance to you and your needs. In his free time Dustin loves to fish, hunt, cook, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Brian Payne

Plumbing Technician

With 24 years under his belt, Brian has gone from the ground up in the plumbing industry. His level of expertise makes him a master of the trade. Ranging from commercial, residential, new construction as well as remodel plumbing, Brian is well seasoned in all aspects of plumbing. Rest assured, when Brian is not refining his plumbing skills, he is enjoying his free time as a family man. His values for family and tradition makes him find intrinsic value in fixing your plumbing needs!

Donny Cox

Plumbing Technician

As a coach on and off the field in youth sports, Donny takes pride in the massive amount of knowledge he has under his belt. With over ten years of plumbing experience, Donny takes pride in expanding and growing his expertise. Striving for excellence at everything he does, Donny has both experience in plumbing administration as well as on site, hands-on plumbing. As a people person and natural teacher, Donny takes pride in his profession as well as his personal time with his family.

Austin Chastain

Plumbing Technician

Austin Chastain, otherwise known as “Thor”, is known for being hardworking, driven, and disciplined. With five years under his belt, Austin is determined to continue expanding his skillset. With a specialty for water heaters, Austin prides himself on also being one of the few technicians that’s knowledgeable in both septic and plumbing as well as well systems.

Brian Anderson

Plumbing Technician

Garrett Potts

Plumbing Technician

Jake Holden

Plumbing Technician

Wes R.

Plumbing Technician

Dwayne T.

Plumbing Technician

Devin K.

Plumbing Technician

Sam B.

Plumbing Technician

Chris P.

Plumbing Technician

Hunter P.

HVAC Technician

Jevon E.

HVAC Technician

Jesse W.

HVAC Technician

Mike H.

Electrical Manager

Master Electrician


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