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SEPTIC Drain Field Repair

Drain fields, also called leach fields, play a crucial role in the functionality of your septic system. These subsurface systems return clean, filtered wastewater to your water table before it returns to the water cycle. When you need a new septic system or less costly septic tank pumping service on your property, turn to the experts at The Original Plumber & Septic. Our licensed, trained professionals ensure that your new septic drain field installation in Atlanta, GA, meets your property’s needs and local municipal codes to pump your septic tank

The Importance of a Well-Working Septic Drain Field

Standard pumping charges for a 1000 gallon tank vary. One thing to note is if your tank is hidden for external factors or unlocatable, meaning depth over 18 inches, there may be additional costs. Uncovering the tank from beneath a deck, concrete, or any other extensive landscaping other than dirt and grass will be an additional charge. This extra cost will be explained BEFORE any work is performed.

Performing Home and Business Septic Drain Field Replacements

For your septic system to operate effectively, it must have a well-designed septic drain field. If your current drain field is inadequate, our experienced technicians are here to provide a new, high-quality septic system. At our company, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers, specializing in septic drain field replacement, as well as new installations and repairs. With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable team members have the skills to design and install the perfect system fit for your property. Put your needs in our capable hands and we’ll provide you with the best unit for your home or commercial building.

Here are Signs of a Septic Tank Drain Field Problem:

1. An awful smell

If you notice a bad smell in your home and can’t find any explanation for it, chances are that it because of a septic drain field problem.

When the effluent or wastewater is not drained properly, it will accumulate around the soil surface and cause a foul smell that can be detected by anyone in your home.

Call our experienced team offering septic system repair as soon as you notice this sign. Some people making the mistake of pumping out their tanks. As much as this may help in reducing or eliminating the odor, it is but a temporary solution. It won’t solve the septic problems completely.

2. Stagnant water

This is another common cause of drain field problems. If you come across puddles of unexplained water around your yard, you should arrange for a septic tank inspection as soon as possible.

Stagnating water is usually caused by excessive accumulation of effluent from the drainage. It will start overflowing onto the ground if there’s no enough room. Leaving such stagnant water in your home can pose a health risk to your children or pets.

3. Drainage issues

A septic tank drain field that’s not functioning properly will definitely lead to backups and clogging in your home. If you constantly experience drain in your bathtub, sinks, or shower, then chances are that you have drain field problems.

In case your toilet has started flushing slower than usual or your toilet won’t flush, it may also be a sign that there’s a problem with your septic system. The best way to be sure is to hire a professional to conduct a septic tank system inspection.

Extend your system lifespan with drain field repair. Quick fixes are good when it comes to containing the problem temporarily. But a permanent solution requires a thorough inspection which will help identify the source of the problem.

This is something that can only be done by a qualified and experienced septic expert.

4. Increased plant growth

Green grass, weed growth, and lush in a drain field area is also a sign that your septic sign has an issue. When a drain field leaks faster than usual or is filled with the effluent that’s supposed to stay inside the tank, the signs will be evident outside.

You will realize an increase in the growth of plants near the septic tank area. The excess nutrients and wastewater will accelerate the growth of plants in that particular area compared to any other place in your home.

5. Returning flow

There are certain septic problems that cannot be detected only by pumping. Some can only be detected during regular maintenance or when a tank is being serviced by a technician. A professional will be able to notice if there is sewage getting into the tank through a reverse flow from the outlet.

If water stagnates in a drain field instead of soaking in, there will be no other way for the water to pass but return back to the tank whenever space is created.

A reverse flow emanating from the drain field clearly indicates that you need to replace your pipes or jetting. You can effectively accomplish this through regular septic field maintenance.

Why septic system maintenance is important

There’s an old adage that says out of sight, out of mind. This definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to septic tank maintenance. Regularly maintaining your septic tank can save you a lot of money in terms of constant repairs.

You need to always keep an eye on your septic system to ensure that it functioning normally. A non-functional or poorly maintained septic tank can lower the value of your property and can also bring about legal issues if you sell your property.

Another reason you should regularly maintain your septic tank is to protect the environment and the health of your family. An open sewerage system can cause pollution to the environment and affect the health of your children and other family members.

That’s why you should ensure that your sewage is well treated to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Examples of pollutants found in effluent include phosphorus, nitrogen, viruses, and disease-causing bacteria.

How to maximize the health and life of your septic system

What does a septic tank inspection include?

septic tank inspection comprises of several things. Here are some of them:

A septic tank plays an important role in many homes and businesses. However, it is always easy to forget about them because they are not quite visible.

As a home homeowner or property manager, it is important to regularly monitor your system for any problems. Contact The Original Plumber & Septic for Septic Tank Services & Repair.

Extend Your System’s Working Lifespan with a Drain Field Repair

If a septic tank becomes too full, it allows grease, sludge, and other solids to get into the drain field and overflow, creating backups in your plumbing fixtures. With our help, you can extend the working life of your system, save on yearly septic tank maintenance costs, and help preserve the quality of your water. If you see signs of a septic tank drain field problem, request a drain field repair from our qualified technicians and we’ll work to restore your system to peak performance.


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