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Your septic tank can be your best friend when it’s working properly and vice versa. To keep septic tanks in tip-top shape, turn to The Original Plumber for septic tank inspection in Atlanta, GA. For a homeowner, a septic tank inspection is necessary to maintain your septic system and avoid expensive problems. And, for a home buyer, it’s essential to know the condition of your purchase.

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Ask our plumbing technicians to conduct septic system inspections for you. Unlike some plumbers, our septic inspectors have the training and experience to perform a full septic tank inspection which includes visual inspection as well, that lets you know the septic tank’s true condition. Call our office to learn more about how we handle a septic inspection.

How Much Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cost?

Standard septic pumping charges depend on your tank’s total volume. Typically, the septic system inspection cost for a 1,000 gallon tank is $360 and for a 1,500 gallon tank is $460. A septic letter (for purposes of selling/buying a home) is a fee of $200.

However, if your property’s septic system tank is hidden for external factors or not locatable, meaning depth over 18 inches, there may be an additional cost. Uncovering the tank from beneath a deck, concrete, or any other extensive landscaping other than dirt and grass will be an additional charge. This extra septic inspection cost will be explained BEFORE any work is performed on your plumbing system.

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Performing Home and Business Drain Field Replacements 

During a septic inspection, the home inspector may do the following:

  • Locate your septic system and give it a visual inspection to make sure it is functioning correctly
  • Make sure the size of the tank is large enough for your home
  • Check riser lids for cracks
  • Check filters and water flow
  • If your system does not have risers (which are visible from the ground surface level), they will determine if you will need excavation
  • Check for leaks and measure sludge levels and the scum layer 
  • Perform simple septic system tests, such as a dye test, flushing toilets, and running water in your sink
  • Check effluent levels during septic pumping to make sure the drain field is not waterlogged
  • Check baffles to make sure they are not covered by solids and are properly connected to inlet and outlet pipes
  • Make sure there is no standing water in your drain field (a sign of a cesspool)
  • Check for anything that may need major or minor repairs

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Septic System Functioning Correctly

As the homeowner, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you have a clean inspection. The most important is to watch what goes into the septic system. For instance, you should be cautious of food scraps placed in a garbage disposal. It’s best not to install one or use one in your kitchen as it creates a type of solid waste that is not easy for your septic system to handle.

You should also not pour grease down your garbage disposal or sink. Grease solidifies as it cools, so it can clog your pipes and create backups in septic systems. If your septic system backs up, it can create serious health hazards if you have a sewage backup. Your septic inspector will check to make sure your drain field is functioning properly and that you are not are risk of a sewage backup.

Other items that aren’t friendly to the septic system are diapers, sanitary products, or cigarette butts. The list continues to include chemicals as they cannot be processed safely in this type of septic system. Bleach is okay in small doses, but harmful chemicals can disrupt the bacteria in your septic tank that helps it maintain its proper function. That means gas, paint, pesticides, and medication needs to be disposed in an environmentally safe way. It’s very likely that your local government has arrangements for this.

Taking proper care of the septic system will result in cost savings for you, and it protects the environment too! This way, everything will be functioning properly without an expensive repair bill.

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