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Septic Sytem Services: We Keep You Flushing

 Septic tank problems are no fun to deal with. These systems are complex and difficult to fix for those who are not trained. The issues that may arise are not always apparent at first glance. The good news is, you’ll know right away if you’re having issues with your septic tank. For example, if you see some of these tell-tale signs, then you know something might be up with your septic tank.

While these signs are easy to detect, the underlying problem is not always so obvious. If sewage backs up or horrible odors arise from your surroundings, you’ll likely require a trained professional to diagnose the issue. Whether you need septic tank repair or replacement will depend on the issue you’re facing. When dealing with septic tank repair, you must avoid any delays. In many cases, this can lead to a worsening of the problem.

If your home does not connect to a public sewer system, septic tanks are vital to your living environment. Don’t be shocked when an issue arises as septic tanks need periodic maintenance to maintain efficiency. For septic tank repair near Atlanta, Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Do You Need Septic Tank Repair?

As previously mentioned, the average individual won’t be able to identify the septic tank problem. Thus homeowners must keep an eye out for signs that their septic tank needs fixing. If you ignore these issues, the problem you’re dealing with may grow exponentially. Identifying an issue as it arises and calling professionals is the key to effectively solving the problem.

Strange Plumbing Noises

The first red flag  to look out for is noisy plumbing. No matter which plumbing fixture, whether you hear strange noises in the pipes or toilets, this is a common sign that something is amiss. The moment you hear said gurgling, don’t wait to get a professional to investigate the strange sounds. The issue may have something to do with a blockage in your system. 


Anytime water is emerging from places it shouldn’t, you may be dealing with a septic tank issue. Water coming up through the drains into your house is a common sign of a septic tank issue. This isn’t a good sign. Water build-up is one of the more costly repair issues.

Foul Odors

This is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward issues to identify. There’s no hiding from this one. If awful odors manage to reach your nose, then your septic tank may be in some trouble. Smelling sewage is a bad sign. Whether the smell is coming from inside or outside of your home, or even from sinks, it may be time to call a professional.

Excess of Green

This one is certainly for the more eagle-eyed of homeowners. Most individuals indeed wish to have a luscious green lawn. However, when grass or foliage is growing in excess, this may be because waste is leaking from your septic tank. If your absorption field is malfunctioning, a growth in plant life will be the indicator. Seek septic services fast in this case.

Outdoor Water

We spoke about finding water indoors; however, finding water outdoors is just as much of an issue. Finding puddles of water in your yard is a bad sign, and finding sludge or solids is worse. Wastewater will accumulate when a septic tank requires repair. This is a common occurrence for individuals who neglect maintenance, such as septic tank pumping.

Any of these signs can tip you toward the fact that your septic tank needs pumping, repair, or replacement. While these signs manifest after something went wrong, home owners can also take preventative measures to prepare for emergencies such as flood and hurricane to avoid severe damage to the system.

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Septic Tank Repair Services

If you’re located in the Atlanta, GA region and are looking for  septic tank repair service contractors, The Original Plumber & Septic is your one-stop shop for all your septic system needs. The Original Plumber & Septic offers a wide variety of services to those located in Atlanta. If you’re struggling to deal with your malfunctioning septic tank, our highly trained professionals can help. We offer our services to local homeowners as well as business owners.

If you’re thinking we only specialize in repair and replacement, you’ve got another thing coming. Our services also include proper maintenance such as pumping and septic tank cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact our office and easily set up an appointment for septic tank repair in Atlanta.

How Our Service Works

With our diverse range of services, you may be wondering what exactly some of these repairs entail. Here are some common repairs that we handle daily.

Distribution Box

A distribution box refers to the area in which the field pieces connect to the tank. This area is responsible for distributing waste into the pipes. It truly is a cornerstone of the septic tank. If it collapses or malfunctions, it will disturb the portion of liquid that enters the drain field. The distribution box is susceptible to wear down over time, especially if the septic tank is an older model.

Defective Septic Tank Seal

Septic tanks must be sealed properly. There is no exception to this rule. The seal acts as a barrier to keep waste from escaping. However, just like most pieces of a septic tank, it is prone to degradation over time. You can visibly see cracks in the seal develop over time. If you frequently get your septic system checked on, this issue should not pose a threat to you. However, for those who neglect maintenance, this can turn into a drastic issue that requires hefty repairs.

Damaged Pipes

Although damaged pipes are one of the less common issues, they can be devastating. Pipes can be broken by burrowing animals or tree roots. Unfortunately, there are no preventative measures when it comes to pipe damage. 

Just like most of this issue, scheduling an appointment with a professional the minute you suspect something is not right is the best course of action. From clogs to a suspiciously moist basement to sewer line and leach field issues, damaged pipes are a significant problem.


The Original Plumber & Septic specializes in septic tank and sewer repair and maintenance for individuals near Atlanta and the surrounding areas. You can trust our service thanks to the 25 years of professional experience. Highly trained professionals will assess septic tank problems and make the proper repairs. Also, do not forget that regular septic tank maintenance can go a long way in extending your system’s lifespan.

Locally Owned

Now more than ever, it is vital to support locally operated businesses. The Original Plumber & Septic is here for its customers night and day. We provide emergency septic tank repair. In almost all cases, septic tank issues cannot wait. And therefore when you see any of the said warning signs, reach out to us for fast and professional help.

We train our tradesmen to the highest order. We ensure that they provide the most outstanding customer service possible. We believe in straight talk and upfront and fair pricing; thus, our tradesmen excel in explaining issues and providing the customer with the reassurance they deserve.

We Are Licensed & Insured

Not only do we follow the appropriate procedures, but we also adhere to state-mandated regulations. The Original Plumber & Septic is a licensed business that specializes in septic services. We don’t cut corners when it comes to integrity. We make it easy for you to trust us because we know how important trust is to homeowners and business owners.

You can trust that we will respect your property and do our utmost to alleviate any outstanding issues. We believe it is our duty to be upfront with pricing and translating complex industry issues so that you understand the nature of the problem at hand. Transparency with homeowners and the ability to adapt to any situation are our two most significant strengths.

Quick & Easy Estimates

Not only is the Original Plumber & Septic available to serve you seven days a week, but we also offer easy estimates. If you’re unsure about the cost of a service, give us a call, and we’ll schedule an estimate to alleviate any worries on your end. We understand that septic tank issues cannot wait; thus, we’re always at your service.

Septic Tank Services (Installation & Repair)

Let us take care of all the dirty work while you focus on what’s most important in your life. From septic tank inspection or installation, routine maintenance or repair, you can always count on us to put you first, while causing minimal distraction to your normal routine.

Routine septic tank maintenance is highly recommended. This can save you money in the long run. You’re also going to want to have your septic tank drained every three to five years. Scheduling inspections periodically can also help us identify issues before they turn into significant problems. Depending on your tank’s size, we can tell you exactly how often you should schedule maintenance. 

We can also conduct thorough inspections when we provide tank draining services, thus tackling two issues at once. We’ll keep a vigilant eye out for unusual leaks and cracks. We’ll also take a look at the drainage field while we’re at it. This is to ensure that your surroundings are not posing a threat to your septic tank.

Schedule Your Septic Tank Inspection Today

Emergency services shouldn’t have to wait. Call us today, and you won’t have to delay fixing any issues you’re dealing with. Our skilled technicians will arrive at your location as soon as possible.

Take preventative measures today, rather than responsive measures tomorrow! Reach out to us for any possible septic tank repair issues, large or small. Our qualified team of technicians are ready to attend to any emergency issues you may experience.


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