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Drain Cleaning: How We Tackle Tough Clogs

 When your sink or tub takes a long time to drain, it may not seem like a big deal. However, leaving a blocked-up drain untreated can lead to major property damage. Call The Original Plumber for drain cleaning services in Atlanta, GA & surrounding areas, while it is still just a minor inconvenience and not a big problem. We ensure that water flows freely through your piping so you can get through your day without interruption.

Clogged Drain Service: How We Tackle Tough Clogs

Get your water flowing again by hiring us to tackle your toughest clogs. We utilize two different techniques to clear blockages: rooter and water jetting services. Each of these options has its own advantages, so we choose the one that best suits your specific needs. The main difference between the two is rooter service utilizes a special tool while water jetting utilizes powerful blasts of water for sewer and drain cleaning.

A rooter is a cable-like machine that clears blockages out of pipes—especially tree roots, which have a habit of blocking up sewer lines. The rooter cuts up the roots or whatever else is blocking the drain until the clog is dispersed. Property owners love rooters because they can quickly remove clogs that are far down in your piping without any need to tear up the lawn.

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Find out more about our clogged drain services, including rooter service and water jetting by contacting us. We always analyze your property carefully before determining which option is the most effective way to handle your clog. You can count on us to do right by your home or business.

There are many different ways for your drains to become clogged. Shower drains tend to get clogged with soap scum and hair. The main culprits for sink drains are cooking grease, coffee grounds, and food debris. We’ve seen sewer drains blocked up by everything from feminine hygiene products to toys flushed down by curious toddlers. No matter why you need clogged drain cleaning, our drain cleaning plumbing experts are here to help with all your plumbing services.

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This Is How We Tackle Tough Clogs

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Hire a drain pipe cleaning plumber you can trust. Our crew is dedicated to upholding our clients' faith in us by consistently providing high-quality work and professional customer service. Furthermore, we are upfront about your pricing. There are no hidden fees and we never exaggerate the severity of damage to pump a few more dollars out of you. We value you, so we always treat you with the respect you deserve.

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