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Whether is to replace an existing sewer line or install a new one, no obstacle is too big for the excavation crew at The Original Plumber to overcome. When you need plumbing excavation in Atlanta, GA & surrounding areas, count on us to get the job done quickly and with minimal damage to your property. 

Smelling sewer gas around the home can be one of the first signs of trouble with your sewer lines. This may mean your existing line may be cracked and potentially lead to pipe bursting. The crack or leak could be in main line, septic tank or anywhere on your sewer system and can be caused by a wide variety of things such as tree roots, soil shifts, or sewer line age itself. Left for far too long, these issues can cause major problems to your sewer line. Call your local and trusted service provider for help.

Although no one ever wants to tear up their lawn or landscape, sometimes it is the only option that can fix the problem. For example, you may need to lay down new sewer lines and water lines or work on a septic system. If digging is necessary, rely on our professionals to get the job done right.

Break New Ground with Our Experienced Crew

Trust your home or business in the hands of an experienced plumbing excavation service. Our crew has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. In that time, we have successfully completed countless projects involving minor and major excavations. No matter how large or complex your project is, our professionals handle it deftly and cause minimal disruption to your usual routines.

Fast Service with Minimal Damage

Don’t let a leak in your water line or a sewage back-up wreak havoc on your property. At the first sign of trouble, contact our plumbing excavator company for help. Damaged pipe doesn’t always mean excavation. We can minimize the damage to your landscape and restore your systems to normal conditions in no time with our trenchless sewer line repair services, also known as no dig methods. This method can work for sewer lines made of different materials such as concrete, PVC, clay or even metal.

Emergency repair services are available for times when you simply can’t wait. Give us a call and describe your problem to our staff. Once we have the necessary details, we will dispatch a crew to you as soon as possible to diagnose the issue, determine the most effective solution, and perform the repair. Call now to get the help you need fast.

Dedicated to Honesty and Professionalism

Excavating your property is a big undertaking, no matter how large or small the project is. We understand that you need to be sure the investment is worth it. That is why our excavation contractors are dedicated to conducting themselves with honesty and professionalism on every job.

When you work with us, you receive straight talk and honest pricing. We do not recommend digging up your yard unless we truly believe it is the most effective solution to your plumbing problem. Furthermore, we never exaggerate the extent of your plumbing damage to squeeze a few more dollars out of you.

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