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You probably know that having a working plumbing system is critical if you own a home. No one wants to be left without working toilets and sinks or water altogether.service pipe install and fix

While pipes inside your house may need the occasional repair or replacement, one primary water pipe is critical for your plumbing system. That line is the one that runs from the main water line provided by the municipality to your home.

Trust the #1 Atlanta water line repair expert, The Original Plumber, if you need emergency support.

What is my water service line?

Your water service line is one of the most critical (if not the most vital) pipes in your plumbing system. Although it’s typically underground and invisible, it serves the important function of bringing potable, fresh water to your house from the main water line. This pipe is the beginning of the water distribution that enters your home and runs through your faucets and appliances.

A break in the main line (often owned by the local government) is the responsibility of your utility system. But a problem with the water service line that runs over the property line, through your yard to your home, is the property owner’s responsibility.

Professional attention and support are recommended anytime this pipe has a problem because that problem can quickly lead to clogs, leaks, and worse, making living in your home a nightmare. In fact, most breaks or issues with this line constitute a plumbing emergency.

Water Line Repair and Install in Woodstock & Metro Atlanta

Water line problems require immediate repairs by experienced plumbers. Because this pipe runs underground, you need highly skilled plumbers with the equipment and know-how to excavate the pipe without causing further damage.

At The Original Plumber, we know how to navigate things like excavation, nearby gas lines, tree roots, and issues that may impact a water line repair. And we have other methods to complete your repair than just destroying your property to get to a pipe. We understand that the job isn’t complete until we’ve fixed the problem and restored your front yard to its original condition.

Don’t sacrifice clean water in your home or risk more severe damage by ignoring a problem or giving a water line repair to an inexperienced plumber.

Trust The Original Plumber.

We repair clogged, cracked, and broken water pipes and lines in Atlanta, GA, and beyond. And we’re known for providing exceptional service and skilled repairs at a reasonable price.

The Plumbers to Call When You Need a Main Water Line Repair

At The Original Plumber, we earn our client’s business by having a proven process for every plumbing repair. Keep reading to learn about our values and how we can become your go-to plumber in Atlanta, GA.

We Are Dedicated to Honesty and Professionalism

From repairing a small leak to a water line break, we treat our customers honestly and professionally. Our job is to assess your situation and give you a very reasonable price to repair your pipe or replace it with a new pipe.

We work hard to communicate along the way. When you book an appointment window, our plumbing professional will tell you when they are arriving and what to expect throughout the plumbing project.

We’ve become the trusted, go-to plumbing expert in Atlanta, GA, by treating our customers professionally and telling the truth about every plumbing situation.

Transparent, Free Quote for Your Plumbing Needs in Atlanta, Georgia

Costs are always top of mind when you’re facing a plumbing emergency. Will you need a minor repair for a leak or a water pipe replacement? It can be hard to know and scary to wonder when you’re in the midst of a plumbing emergency. That’s why we have a process in place to arrive quickly and assess your plumbing needs.

Once we’ve completed a free inspection, we provide a complete report so you understand what you need and the costs to have it repaired.

If you need a professional you can trust, contact The Original Plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Not sure if you have an emergency on your hands? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help you understand common plumbing system problems.

What Is a Water Service Line?

To recap, your water service line is the pipe that connects the utility water main to your home. This pipe typically runs underground, across your lawn, from the street to your home. A water main replacement is the responsibility of your utility, but the old pipe that is connected to your home is the property owner’s responsibility to repair and fix or replace when needed.

What Causes Water Line Issues?

Many issues can cause problems. Keep reading for a list of common causes of water line damage.

  • Ground settling or extreme temperatures can cause a damaged or leaking pipe.
  • An old pipe may also cause a problem when it starts to leak or degrade over time.
  • Another common situation requiring a repair or replacement is when someone unknowingly causes damage. Driving across the lawn or leaving heavy equipment in one spot can cause damage to water lines and pipes, including your water service line.
  • Damage from tree root can happen. Tree roots can also break through the pipes and cause a leak or other damage. Always avoid planting trees near any water pipe.

How Can I Tell if I Need a Main Service Line Repair?

Your water line runs from the water main to your home, and it’s usually at the front of your yard. This means that you may be able to identify some of the warning signs of water pipe trouble if you know what to look for.

Below is a short list of signs (both inside your home and on your residential property) that may indicate you need to call an expert:

  • Standing water. If you look on your property and see water that isn’t usually there, you may have a leak. If it hasn’t stormed lately and you’ve checked your sprinkler system, you probably have a water line issue. Contact a plumber to investigate right away.
  • Damp spots on your property can indicate a water line leak as well. You may need a water line replacement or repair, so don’t wait until a small leak becomes a significant problem. Call a plumber (or plumbers) as soon as possible.
  • Have you noticed a considerable increase in your water bill lately? If you’ve checked the water pipes in your home and other common culprits like running toilets or a leaking water heater, it could be time to consider a water pipe problem. Your local plumbers can investigate the property (and your home) to help you identify the issue.
  • If your home suddenly has low water pressure, you may need a water line repair or replacement. Your water pressure will suffer if the water supply isn’t getting to your home due to water line issues. Call your local plumber (or plumbers) to have the pipe repaired quickly.
  • Discolored water or extremely cloudy water is a sign that you may need a water line repair. Like the water pressure concern, discolored water can mean something wrong with the pipe. In this case, something may be getting into it, such as rust or dirt. Don’t let the water damage your home or become unsafe for your family. Contact a plumber (or plumbers) to discuss the job of checking your lines.
  • Noisy pipes can also indicate a problem in your pipe. The sound of banging is often caused by water flow or water pressure problems and should be investigated.
  • Damage to your home’s foundation or structural damage typically indicates a broken water line or leak. That leak can be caused by water lines in your house or the main water pipe that runs to your home. Repair it quickly to avoid significant damage, which can come at a high cost to the property owner.

Do I Need a Water Service Line Repair or Water Line Replacement?

If you have any disruptions to your water supply, water pressure, or are experiencing any of the other warning signs listed above, you may need a water line repair or a new pipe. Don’t wait until a warning sign becomes an emergency or causes damage to other areas of your home or property.

Call the experts for water line repair and all plumbing issues, like leaks, clogged lines, septic tanks, sewer line repair, repiping, and more. Atlanta trusts The Original Plumber, and we’d love to become your go-to professional. 

We have a proven process to help you with all of your plumbing needs in Atlanta, GA.

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