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Plumbing problems are among the most frustrating experiences for any home or office. That is why homeowners need the best plumbers in Milton GA. The Original Plumber provides reliable residential and commercial plumbing service. Whether you’ve just bought a residence or have lived in the city for quite a while, you can rely on our dependable Milton plumbers to tackle your toughest plumbing problems.

Common Plumbing Problems

Of course, plumbing fixes weigh on the mind of every homeowner in Milton GA. You’re probably wondering whether you can handle the plumbing on yourself or you need to call a plumber. Well, our leading Milton plumbing experts are here to help. Remember, plumbing issues are more delicate than you think. Most of these faults require the expertise of a plumber. Most common plumbing problems include:

1. Clogged drains

You’re probably experiencing a clogged drain now and then, and your home remedies such as plungers and drain snakes are not fixing the problem. Don’t panic – we are here to help. Our local plumbers are expert at drain cleaning and will use safe and effective methods to remove any blockages and restore proper drainage in the system.

2. Sewer Line Clogs

Sewer lines help in carrying out waste from your premises to the municipal sewer or your septic tank. However, these systems can experience problems. Clogged sewer lines are dangerous and frustrating. In case of backup from drains, water backup in shower and bathtubs, or even gurgling noises from the drains, call a professional to help you out.

3. Leaky Pipes

Homeowners are tempted to use temporary home remedies to fix leaky pipes. While leaky pipes may seem like an easy fix, it points to more serious issues. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a dependable plumber to repair them.

4. Septic Tank Leaks

The last thing anyone wants to experience is to tread through your septic system – especially when you don’t know how to fix the problem. This is a serious problem that undoubtedly requires professional assistance. Our Milton plumbing experts are ready to help you with any septic tank issues you have.

Reliable Milton Plumbers

At The Original Plumber, we take pride in offering the best quality plumbing and septic service in Milton GA, and the surrounding areas. You can trust us to provide the following services:

1. Water Heater Installations and Repair

Whether you’re looking to replace your traditional heater or you want to repair an existing one, we’ve got you covered! Our Milton Plumber will guide you on the most energy-efficient heater to install and even install it for you.

2. Leaks Repair

Homeowners in Milton can trust us to put a stop to their leaking faucets or broken pipes. While it may not seem much, the few drips on your faucet can waste more than 100 gallons of water in a year. Schedule an appointment with one of our Milton Plumber and enjoy reliable leak repair.

3. Drain Clearing and Cleaning

Drain clearing involves penetrating the obstruction to improve the water flow and pressure. Here, our experts use special tools and methods depending on the severity, type of the clog, and where it is occurring. On the other hand, drain cleaning involves flushing the drain pipes clean. A professional plumber will carefully evaluate the situation and suggest the most effective procedure to use.


4. Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is a special process that involves pumping high-pressure water steam to break blockages and clean your drain. Hydro jetting is an effective method or removing eliminating mineral scales, grease buildup, and undissolved food in the drain.


5. Sewer Line Services

If you have trees on your landscape, their roots can penetrate and block your drains and sewer lines. When you hire us, our licensed plumbers will utilize camera inspection equipment pinpoint the main issue with your sewer line so that they can develop a plan to correct it.


The Original Plumber for Affordable and Dependable Plumbing Work

We understand that plumbing emergencies often happen after normal business hours. So if you are looking for emergency plumbing in Milton and surrounding areas? Our local plumbers are ready and equipped to handle even the toughest issues. We are committed to relieving you from leaky fixtures, clogged drains, among many other plumbing problems. Our 24/7 working basis ensures that your urgent plumbing issues are attended to regardless of the time.

The company is licensed and certified to provide dependable plumbing in Milton GA. From qualified and experienced taskforce to the latest innovations of plumbing equipment, we’ve got all it takes to get the work done. We provide easy estimates of our plumbing work and provide the following discounts:

• $50 off for Services exceeding $250

• A 10% off for Veterans and First responders

If you live in or around Milton Georgia and you need assistance with your toilets, faucets, or even water heaters, call The Original Plumber and let an expert handle your all your plumbing needs.


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