How to Install a Septic System

How to Install A septic system

If you’re building a new home or have an old septic system that is due to retire, you may be wondering how to install a septic system and asking the following questions: How much do new septic tank systems cost? Can I install a typical septic tank, or do I need a professional? Do state […]

How Long Will A Septic Tank Last?

How Long Will A Septic Tank Last

If you have a septic tank, you may be wondering just how long it will last. The answer depends on a number of factors such as the age of your septic system, the condition, use, and whether or not it’s been maintained properly. How long will a Concrete and Steel Septic Tank last? In general, […]

The Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance

septic tank maintenance tips

Whether you just bought a home (and realized you have a septic tank) or you’ve had one for years, the best thing you can do to keep it functioning properly is to perform regular septic tank maintenance! With proper maintenance, a septic system can last for up to forty years. What is a Septic System? […]

10 Different Types Of Septic Systems + How to Choose the Right One

Types of septic systems

How Septic Systems Work A septic system usually consists of a variety of different interconnected parts. There is always a septic tank into which your waste is placed and a drainage option. There may occasionally be pump tanks to consider as well.  The drainage option ensures that your wastewater is cleaned into regular water before […]

How to Read a Septic Tank Diagram

How to read a septic tank diagram

A diagram for septic tanks is essential to have when you’re trying to diagnose a problem with your sewage system—trying to read a diagram, though, is a different matter. Let’s walk through how to read your diagram step by step. We’ll go over each part of the diagram and what each section of your system […]

How to Find Septic Tank Lid Fast

how to find septic tank lid

Problems with a septic tank can come in many shapes and sizes, and knowing how to find a septic tank lid can save you some frustration. Upon finding your cover, you can diagnose a handful of septic tank problems or simply keep tabs on its location for future reference. Finding the septic tank cover isn’t difficult […]

How to Care For Your Septic System: 5 Things You Need to Know

how to care for septic system

If you’ve grown up with household septic tanks your entire life or you’re new to septic tank life, it’s important to learn how to care for your septic system. Because it’s out of sight, it’s often out of mind – until there’s a problem.  Learning about your septic tank is just one of the many […]

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