4 Creative Habits to Keep Your Drains Clog-Free and Flowing

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4 Creative Habits to Keep Your Drains Clog-Free and Flowing

Drain clogs are messy and a pain to deal with. Standing water in sinks starts to develop a bad odor, and your sink is out of commission until you take care of the clog. Preventing problems is always better than spending time and money to resolve them. Here are four smart habits to help prevent clogs.

1. Grease and Oil: Handle with Care

Grease and oil are well-known clog-causing substances. Many people drain their grease over the sink after frying meat. This is a bad idea because grease gets into the pipes and hardens, causing a blockage that can cause a backup in your plumbing. To safeguard your pipes, drain hot grease into an empty can or glass bowl. When it cools, scoop it out into the trash.

2. Catch It Before It Clogs

Drain screens and sink baskets are lifesavers. How many times have you poured something out in the sink, and thought, “Should I have drained that first?” Sink baskets sit on the side of your sink and have a mesh bag that you can drain things into to keep particles from going down your drains. Drain screens do the same thing, except that they sit directly over your drain and must be removed when full. They catch hair, food particles, and anything that falls into the drain opening.

3. Be Mindful of What Goes Down

Keeping a careful eye on what you have near the sink goes a long way toward preventing clogs. Adhesive bandages and sticky labels from fruits and vegetables often make their way into the sink and down the drain unnoticed. Watch out for cotton swabs, too. If they go down the drain, they can turn at a bend in the pipes and create a blockage that traps food particles behind it.

4. Clean Your Drains Regularly

A good habit to get into is to clean your drains every month. A good sink scrubbing, followed by a hot soapy water flush or solution of baking soda and white vinegar can cut down on the gunk that accumulates in your pipes. Cleaning your drains periodically helps prevent future clogs.

Call in Our Pros When You Need Them

Despite your best efforts, there might still be times when you encounter a serious clog. If plunging doesn’t do the trick, it’s a clear sign to call in a plumber. Experienced plumbers have the right tools and expertise to safely and effectively clear clogs without causing any further issues. Our team has state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to clear clogs and restore the flow of water to your pipes. We can also help you prevent clogs and repair bills with preventive maintenance services.

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