Maintain Your Heater to Reduce the Likelihood of Heating Emergencies

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Maintain Your Heater to Reduce the Likelihood of Heating Emergencies

As the winter approaches, you may have already had to break out your cold-weather gear and turn on your heater. If something goes wrong with your heater, though, you’ll find yourself in an unfortunate situation. The good news is that regular maintenance tasks can reduce the chances that a heating emergency will arise.

Replace Air Filter

If you have a heater that uses an air filter, you’ll need to replace it frequently, or at least clean it. Failing to do this can cause your filter to get clogged and dirty. As a result, your system will have to work harder to warm your home. Working hard can cause premature wear and tear. In addition, if one part breaks because it’s been strained, the entire system has the potential to fail. The owner’s manual that came with your system should detail how often the filter needs to be replaced, and it should tell you what type of filter you’ll need to purchase.

Clean Your Ducts and Vents

Just as your filter can get dirty, so can your air ducts and vents. Over time, dust and debris can build up in these components. This can lead to reduced airflow in addition to poor air quality. If too much debris blocks your vents, the heating system will need to put in more effort to keep you comfortable. As mentioned above, it’s not a good idea to strain your system.

Inspect Burners

If you have a gas heating system, it’s important that your burner stay clean and free of debris. When a burner gets too dirty, there’s the potential for incomplete combustion. This is what happens when all of the fuel doesn’t burn. More importantly, this can produce carbon monoxide, which can be incredibly dangerous if it builds up in your home.

Even if the situation doesn’t become that dire, a dirty burner can result in inefficient heating. You’ll have to pay extra to get your home to your desired temperature. A visual inspection should tell you whether your burner has become dirty or clogged. Since this job involves some risk, it can be a good idea to have a professional help you with this task. This way, you’ll be sure that your burner gets inspected and cleaned properly so that fuel can be safely combusted when the system heats your home.

Here as Your Resource

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance so that your heater can continue to stay in good condition and help you stay warm and comfortable. Contact The Original Plumber if you need any assistance with heater maintenance services in Atlanta, GA.


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