3 Common Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

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3 Common Commercial Drain Cleaning Services


Commercial drain cleaning services are a common and often very important kind of service for the proper maintenance of commercial drains across the greater business community. To that end, there are typically three primary types of commercial drain services that are performed in order to provide such necessary maintenance. These include drain snaking, video inspection, and jet cleaning services.

Drain Snaking

The first and most common type of all commercial drain services is drain snaking. In most businesses, at some point or another, the eventual clog will form in the structure’s drain pipes. As a result, a drain snaking is often the most appropriate response to resolving that issue.

With drain snaking, a device called a “snake” is then sent into the drain system in order to break-up or even grab ahold of the clog and remove it altogether. A plumbing snake system consists of the snake, which is a long section of coiled metal, and a machine that spins that snake and helps to drive it forward or backward through pipes. Snake systems come in many variations and even utilize different “heads” that fit to the leading end of the snake for attacking various types of clogs with maximum efficacy.

Video Inspections

Video inspections are another common approach in dealing with commercial drains. These inspections can become necessary for a number of reasons. Most of the time, they are for the purpose of inspecting the condition of pipes or for seeking out and identifying particular clogged areas. Video inspection can be an invaluable service when there is no viable alternative to seeing what is going on with a commercial drain system’s internal spaces.

Video inspection kits come in a variety of designs. Some utilize a simple camera and light that is mounted on the end of a long feed line that is then fed into the pipes in question. Other systems use a remotely-controlled drone that will work its way through pipes on wheels or by other means. In all cases, an operator controls the video inspection equipment from a safe location and is able to watch what the camera in the pipe sees on a video screen and in real-time.

Jet Cleaning

Finally, jet cleaning is yet one more type of commercial drain cleaning service. As its name suggests, this process uses a pressurized jet of water to clean the inside of the pipes in need. This operation can be both effective in clearing certain types of clogs as well as in general pipe wall cleaning in which the inner walls of drain pipes have become layered with debris build-up. Jet cleaning machines should only be used by professionals, and as such, are not typically found for rent where snake and video inspection systems may typically be found.

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