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Drain fields, also called leach fields, play a crucial role in the functionality of your septic system. These subsurface systems return clean, filtered wastewater to your water table before it returns to the water cycle. When you need a new septic system on your property, turn to the plumbing experts at The Original Plumber. Our licensed, trained professionals ensure that your new septic drain field installation in Atlanta, GA, meets your property’s needs and local municipal codes. How Often Should You Pump Your Septic Tank?

The Importance of a Well-Working Drain Field

Standard pumping charges for a 1000 gallon tank varies. One thing to note is if your tank is hidden for external factors or unlocatable, meaning depth over 18 inches, there may be additional costs. Uncovering the tank from beneath a deck, concrete, or any other extensive landscaping other than dirt and grass will be an additional charge. This extra cost will be explained BEFORE any work is performed.

Performing Home and Business Drain Field Replacements

For your septic system to operate effectively, it must have a well-designed drain field. If your current drain field is inadequate, our experienced plumbing technicians are here provide with a new, high-quality septic system. At our plumbing company, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers, specializing in drain field replacement, as well as new installations and repairs. With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable team members have the skills to design and install the perfect system fit for your property. Put your plumbing needs in our capable hands and we’ll provide you with the best unit for your home or commercial building. 

 Extend Your System’s Working Lifespan with a Drain Field Repair

If a septic tank becomes too full, it allows grease, sludge, and other solids to get into the drain field and overflow, creating backups in your plumbing fixtures. With our help, you can extend the working life of your system, save on yearly septic tank maintenance costs, and help preserve the quality of your water. Request a drain field repair from our qualified plumbers and we’ll work to restore your system to peak performance.

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