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Septic Tank Services and Repair Jasper GA

At the Original Plumber, we know you can use another plumber, but our goal is to make your experience with us unforgettable and your natural choice for all your plumbing related needs.

We enjoy and excel in all aspects of plumbing, and today’s post will discuss septic tank repair Jasper. Your concrete, fiberglass, or plastic septic tank sits underground and responsible for performing a basic treatment of the wastewater that flows through.

One of the biggest problems with septic tank systems shows up at the worst time. It’s the odor emanating from the toilet, or you see sewage backing up into the tub or sink. It could be, too, that your house drains are very slow.

Regardless of the cause, our septic tank repair services in Jasper can help get your plumbing working quickly again. We see this problem frequently and look forward to addressing the cause and offer a straightforward solution.

The Original Plumber & Septic is a full service, professional plumbing company. Our field service crew comprises lifelong master plumbers with extensive experience in every aspect of residential and commercial plumbing installation and repair.

Our plumbing and septic services Jasper extend far and wide around the Jasper area. And, our plumbing services include everything from water heaters and drain cleaning to repiping and slab leaks, and everything in between.

Our commercial division also performs all plumbing repairs and maintenance for area businesses. They are located here.

In addition, our septic services include drain fields and tank inspections and installations. Our extensive list of services continues with septic tank cleaning and maintenance, and septic tank pumping, and complete septic tank systems.

Septic Repair in Jasper

Septic repair is a priority, and we’re here to solve any problem and get your system operational as quickly as possible.

  • A cracked tank sounds like a disaster that requires a new tank. Most times, the cause is the pressure of a tree root pressing against the tank. Often, it’s a simple repair we take care of in one trip. If the crack or damage is severe, we will determine if a replacement is the better solution and advise you on the best course of action.
  • Sometimes, we find the problem is a clogged septic tank. If that proves to be the only issue, we’ll pump out the tank and remove the clog in the process. That will get your tank running properly again. Depending on the cause of the clog, we’ll discuss how to prevent a repeat of the clog from now on.
  • Broken pipes in the septic system might show a more serious problem. Several reasons cause broken pipes, but our master plumbers will quickly diagnose and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

The Original Plumber & Septic not only performs professional plumbing repair services but also land excavation and installation of entire septic drain fields and full septic drain systems.

There are many design considerations for a drain field, such as the size and natural features of the lot and the depth of the water table. Also important is the soil condition and type, among other characteristics.

Drain fields vary in size, but depending on state and local codes, the minimum size could be an issue. We are aware of all the code requirements and follow them to the letter without fail.

Read More: Georgia Septic Tank Requirements

Septic services Jasper doesn’t stop with drain field installations. You can count on us for complete maintenance of your drain field, septic tank, and system, too. The time will come when your septic tank needs maintenance.

It’s a good idea to have your system checked periodically to prevent minor issues from becoming colossal problems. Your tank needs pumping occasionally to keep it working as designed.

We hope you have a better understanding of the vast amount of services The Original Plumber & Septic offers our customers. Remember that we are a full service and fully staffed, professional plumbing company. Also, we’re equipped to perform installation and excavation services for drain fields and full septic systems.

We welcome your phone calls or spend some time on our website. We also offer several plumbing discounts for our customers, veterans, and first responders as a way of saying how much we appreciate the trust you place in our company.


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