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Septic Tank Services and Repair Woodstock GA

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These words never rang truer than when referring to the health of your sewage-disposal tank!

Neglecting your septic tank repair can be disastrous. The Original Plumber in Woodstock, GA helps home and business owners to manage their sewer lines and septic systems for worry-free living. We service residential and commercial customers across the North Atlanta region and are experts in all manners of septic tank services. Years of experience combined with skilled technicians and the right tools mean that we can solve any problem for you quickly, correctly, and affordably.


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Septic Inspections:

Scheduling an annual inspection with The Original Plumber is the first step to the proper maintenance of your waste system. Utilizing cameras, mirrors, and other tools our thorough technicians will examine your tank as well as the connecting lines to ensure your system is healthy and blockage free.

Sewer Repair Woodstock:

Did you know that even if your home or business is connected to a city’s sewer lines, that you are responsible for any blockage that occurs from your property to that connection point? The Original Plumber has you covered for sewer repair Woodstock! We can resolve clogged pipes by snaking the line or utilizing professional strength chemical agents to dislodge any blockages quickly and efficiently.

Is your sewer pipe leaking or cracked? Don’t worry about replacing the whole pipe. The Original Plumber will always explore the least invasive solution possible and small cracks can usually be remediated through repair and pipe relining. Should a pipe excavation and replacement be necessary, zero-dig methods and trenchless pipelining may be the answer.

Septic Repair Woodstock:

Food scraps, diapers, and other non-biodegradable items can create blockages, leaks, or forms of damage. Even tree roots can penetrate pipes and impede water flow. Without an annual inspection, it can be difficult to know if there is an underlying septic problem until it has gotten much much worse.

How do I know if my septic is healthy?

In a healthy septic system, wastewater is flushed from the drain and collected into the septic tank where solid waste begins to decompose and liquid waste is flushed through the chamber. A problem occurs when this process is interrupted by faulty pipes, blockages, corrosion or root invasion.

If you experience any of the following, they may be warning signs that you need a septic tank repair:

  • Smell: One of the first signs of a problem is often a sulphuric odor coming from the drains or near the septic tank. This could indicate that it is time for septic tank services, such as pumping.
  • Sight: Water pooling on the property near the drainfield could indicate that there is a leak in the pipe or that the tank has overfilled. Another sign is if the grass near the septic tank becomes more lush or green than the surrounding grass, or if it yellows or dies, it may mean there is waste leakage.
  • Sound: Gurgling sounds in the drains or slow drainage are an early sign of blockages or an overflowing system.

A healthy septic system should be undetectable by the senses. Schedule septic repair Woodstock today!

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