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Septic Tank Maintenance in Marietta, GA, Cleans Out Your Plumbing Hazards

Every time you use the toilet, your septic tank works hard to give all of that sewage and wastewater somewhere to go, storing hazardous material safely away from you, your family, and your drinking water. However, that material will piles up and without proper servicing, the tank will fill to overflowing—a dangerous threat. The Original Plumber mitigates this by providing all of the septic tank maintenance in Marietta, GA, you will need to keep your system in optimal repair. We have the equipment and experience to remove waste the safe way and keep your systems functioning properly.

Pumping is generally needed every one to three years for optimum efficiency and sanitation. However, this can change depending on the size of your tank and the number of people in your household. Ask one of our septic tank maintenance professionals, and they’ll be happy to give you an idea of the ideal frequency for yours. Keeping up a service schedule is an easy way to receive the best possible performance and longest lifespan from your system. More importantly, you’ll avoid overflow and dangerous contaminations in your plumbing.

Signs That You Need Septic Tank Maintenance

Ideally, regular service upkeep would spare you from ever having to deal with these plumbing problems. However, if and when the following do happen, you’ll at least know what they mean and what to look for. Some obvious indications are sewage backup, sluggish flushing, and bad smells. There can also be issues outside your home, such as standing water on the lawn or grass that’s conspicuously greener near the septic tank. Please call The Original Plumber as soon as possible if you notice any of these.

Our team works with all tank styles and is prepared to fix any complication it might be presenting. Everything septic systems need, we can do. Installation, repair, replacement, maintenance; we do it all. What matters most for every potential plumbing job is that you call us as soon as possible when you need work done. After all, you don’t want to wait until there’s wastewater in your yard or drinking water to do something about your septic system. With us around, you don’t have to.

Backed By Decades of Work

We’ve been doing septic tank maintenance for more than 25 years. Every technician who works for us takes pride in what they do. Go with the company that has the experience your system needs for a job well done.

Contact for high-quality service. We send our technicians all over Marietta, Canton, Atlanta, Woodstock, and Kennesaw, Georgia, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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