Five Tips to Choose the Right Size Tankless Water Heater

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Five Tips to Choose the Right Size Tankless Water Heater

Tankless hot water heater installed in a basement utility room to save money and energy.

Selecting the appropriate size of water heater is essential to ensure the comfort and efficiency of your household. Unlike traditional water heaters with limited storage capacities, tankless models provide hot water on demand, making them a popular choice for modern homes. However, with numerous options available, finding the perfect fit for your household’s needs can be daunting.

1. Calculate Your Hot Water Demand

To accurately determine your household’s peak hot water demand, consider the number of people living in the home and their hot water usage patterns. Consider the frequency and duration of showers, baths, and other hot water activities. You should also consider the hot water consumption of major appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. By summing up the gallons per minute (GPM) rating of each appliance and activity, you can estimate your total GPM requirement during peak usage. This calculation will provide a baseline for selecting a heater that efficiently meets your household’s hot water needs.

2. Efficiency and Energy Source

Tankless water heaters come in various models with different energy sources, such as electricity, natural gas, propane, and solar power. Before deciding, consider the energy source available in your home and the unit’s efficiency. An energy-efficient tankless water heater can help you keep your utility bills low and reduce your environmental footprint. The type of energy source available may also impact the installation requirements and costs.

3. Check the Unit’s Specifications

Before finalizing your choice, thoroughly review the manufacturer’s specifications for the heater you are considering. Pay attention to details such as the physical dimensions, installation requirements, and ventilation needs. Ensure the unit can be installed in your desired location and meets safety and building code regulations. It should be compatible with your home’s infrastructure to avoid potential complications during installation and ensure it operates safely and efficiently.

4. Consult a Professional

If you find the process overwhelming or have specific concerns about your hot water needs, seek advice from a professional plumber or HVAC specialist. A plumber can comprehensively assess your household’s hot water demands, considering various factors specific to your home and lifestyle. They can help you choose the size and type that best suits your needs. Your plumber can also provide valuable insights on proper installation, maintenance, and ongoing care to ensure the unit operates optimally for years to come.

5. Read Reviews From Other Consumers

Online reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of different sizes. Look for reviews that specifically mention the unit’s ability to meet hot water demands, its efficiency, and any potential issues or drawbacks. Pay attention to feedback from customers with similar usage patterns and household sizes to better understand how well the heater might work for you. While reviews should not be the sole basis for your decision, they can complement your research and help you identify popular and well-regarded models that have consistently met users’ expectations.

After careful consideration, you can confidently select a model that provides the convenience of reliable hot water whenever needed. Contact The Original Plumber for efficient tankless water heater installation and service in Atlanta, GA. Our certified plumbers can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific usage patterns.


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